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Team vs Individual Performance in Software Dev

What is more important in software development? Having better quality team members? Or having the team members work together in a better way?

I was reading a post today explaining about how team performance in software development is more important than individual performance. And one part of the post said …

Monads in Functional Programming

The idea of doing a computation within a special context isn't unique to quantum computing. Functional programming has a concept called the monad that does something similar. This is how it works: you have an input value and you want to perform a sequence of calculations within a certain special …

Superposition in Quantum Computing

The concept of superposition is also used in quantum computing.

What is quantum computing?

In traditional computing, a bit can have a value of either zero or one. Quantum computing uses qubits (quantum bits). Qubits can have a certain probability to be zero or one. This is represented as α …

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