My new Corne Keyboard

Corne Keyboard

My new keyboard. A 42 key Corne v3 split ergonomic keyboard with colemak layout.

I was surprised to learn that there is a large community of keyboard DIY in India. They source the parts and build the keyboards from scratch, right from soldering the diodes onwards. Some even design their own PCBs and get it printed. There are local online stores to cater to this community where you can everything from LEDs, microprocessors, springs of different tensions, switches and keycap sets.

This Corne design in the picture is open source, meaning the schematics are available online and anyone can get the components and put it together. You can make it as simple or flashy as you want by adding in LEDs, rotary encoders, OLED screens and so forth. For my first build I went with just the basics.

Here are some links if you want to try it out

📜 First join the Indian Mechanical Keyboard Community -

Then these sites for kits / components

✅ StacksKB -

✅ Rectangles -

✅ MecKeys -

Plus amazon, hobby electronics sites and dont forget the local hardware store.