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What skills do I need to be a good scrummaster?

Based on my experiences, my list would go like this -

Have empathy. This is the most important. Learn continuously. This is the second most important. Apart from these, you need

  • Understanding of the organization and its culture
  • Understanding of the team and its dynamics
  • Understanding of the people on the …

Book Review: Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment

Summary: Mastery is one of the best self-help books I've read in a long time.

Mastery is a unique book among self-help books. Most books in this category promise immediate results. Titles like Learn X in 2 weeks are more common than flies. Mastery is the exact anti-thesis of these …

How to Design Programs - MIT Press

Yesterday I had blogged about the books I couldnt find in Bangalore (Programming Pearls and The Practise of Programming). Today I'm going to blog about one of the books I did find (the rest will be in subsequent posts).

That book is "How to Design Programs" from MIT Press. I …

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