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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The problem with ebooks

The problem with ebooks is that its too easy to lose them. I recently bought an ebook, and now I have no idea in which directly I put it and I can't find it. Rather more difficult to lose a paper book. How do you solve this problem? Do you keep burning ebooks to a CD after you buy them? Give me some ideas.


Anonymous said...

I have installed Google Desktop Search on my computer, so if I forgot where I put in a file, I just type a few possible words from that file and GDS fetches good results.

Maybe you should have it installed too :)

Anonymous said...

Installing a desktop search software should solve your problem. I recommend Google desktop search.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I get a ebook, I make sure to upload it to some online file storage site (
Writing to CDs means, I have to keep track of that too.

Jace said...

Strip DRM off your content as soon as you can, or better, obtain it DRM-free. No point willingly allowing someone to screw you in the long run.

Anonymous said...

All the ebooks I get are DRM free. Desktop search is a good idea. But there is also the issue when you migrate computers. There is this ebook that I got a few years ago. Now I'm on a different computer. I backed it up somewhere.. but who knows where?

Raz said...

this is y storage and warehousing is a vast topic in management.

i ve no idea, how a ebook will be( gueesing its similar to a pdf life) nor i ve idea about the GDS or the DRM things u guys are talking.

but, what i learned in my office is, naming and storing in separate folders whos's location is updated in a text file in the desktop, helps in finding any letter i want from any topic however old it is.

i might work.

if u think, i am making sense. ask me. i will help u out.

Nikhil said...

Apart from Desktop Search, an online knowledge management portal or web based online files management system would be useful.

Anonymous said...

Google Desktop always slows down your computer becasue of the continuos indexing.
"Find in Files" utility in most text editors (like EditPlus) is a good tool (i say this because the "dog search" in XP is bad, vista i havent tried).
Find in files allows you to search for a particualr word in any file with recursive sub directory option.
so with *.pdf (assuming ebook is a pdf) on c:\ will bring back everything, better than the OS search.

Shivasubramanian A said...

How about actually storing the PDF in your Gmail account? I do that, just in case I lose some valuable ebook.

Yes, its a PDF file.