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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MoMo is back in 2008

The first Mobile Monday meet in Chennai for 2008 kicks off on the coming Saturday, 16th Feb.


MoMo Chennai Feb 2008


2 PM to 5 PM, 16th Feb (Saturday)


Gandhi Nagar Club, Adyar, Chennai (Map)

  1. Going to market with Nokia - Find out how - Prakash Sayini , Developers Relations ,Forum Nokia
  2. Getting started with WRT (Web Run Time) development on S60 - Balagopal K.S, Technology Expert, Forum Nokia India Team
  3. Building Standards compliant mobile sites for free with mobiSitesgalore - Prashanth , Akmin
If you would like to attend, add your name here. Find the official announcement here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Screencast on many to many relationships between Django models

My third introductory screencast for Django. It follows on from the first screencast and the second one.

Get the Flash Player to see this movie.

This video originally comes from here at ShowMeDo from the Python category.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

NEN organising E-Week in India

NEN is an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among college students. One of their initiatives is the E-Week (Entrepreneurship week) where colleges conduct activities related to entrepreneurship. This week, 2nd Feb to 9th Feb is E-Week this year and as a part of the E-Week, a few students joined us at the Chennai OpenCoffee Club's Feb meet on Sunday. The idea was to connect students who might be thinking of starting up with entrepreneur groups in Chennai. Also as a part of E-Week, Kausik invited me to give a talk on "Bootstrapping Your Startup" at his college.

Here is a photo of Vaidhy discussing with the students at the chennai opencoffee club:

NEN students at Feb Chennai OpenCoffee Club meet

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 1 Photos from

There are tons of photos from the just concluded Here are a few photos from Day 1 of the event.

Ravi Narayan
Ravi Narayan of Mentor Partners talks about "The Role of a Mentor in a Startup"

Roopa Doraiswamy
Roopa Doraiswamy on legal issues for startups

Vishal Gondal
Vishal Gondal (Indiagames)

Rajiv Dingra
Rajiv Dingra of WATBlog and WATShow

Alok Kejriwal
Alok Kejriwal (

Bijoy Singhal
Bijoy Singhal (Microsoft)

Siddharta Govindaraj
Me :P

Gaurabh Mathure
Gaurabh Mathure on the role of design

Chintan Mehta
Chintan Mehta (Yahoo!)

Sujai Karampuri
Sujai Karampuri of Sloka Telecom (Incidentally, Sloka presented at the very first

Laura Parkin
Laura Parkin (NEN)

Atul Chitnis
Atul Chitnis

Surojit Niyogi
Surojit Niyogi on writing Facebook apps

Mohanjit Jolly
Mohanjit Jolly of DFJ on bootstrapping a startup

Samir Sood
Samir Sood (Google M&A)