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Saturday, December 01, 2007

MindTree tries out an unconference

Since I'm maintaining the India Unconferences and Events group on upcoming, I often spend a bit of time looking for events to add. While doing that today, I came across Osmosis. Apparently, Osmosis is MindTree's annual technology festival, and its coming up in December this year - with a difference.

This year, the event is going to be held as an unconference, and they are opening it up to external participation. Which means (if I understand correctly) that anyone can attend.

Open space technology (closely related to unconferences) has often been applied in corporate environments, so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

One thing that caught my attention was this line from the site

Osmosis final day will be an ‘unconference’ where MindTree Minds will decide the topics to be discussed. In the true spirit of an unconference, MindTree Minds will decide, organize and lead the discussions on the final day of Osmosis.

Now, I'm not sure who a "MindTree Mind" is. Does it mean a general participant? Or it is a select group of people? If it is a select group of people who will decide the topics etc then it might just defeat the purpose.

Anyway, if anyone attends, I would be interested in knowing how everything went. The website is and the event takes place on Saturday, 15th December 2007. Check it out and let us know what happened.


100rabh™ said...

Mindtree Mind mean Mindtree Employees

Siddhi said...

Hmm thats weird. Why allow everyone to attend, then put all the decisions with only the employees.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is fully empowered to talk, discuss topics that they want to. It applies to both MindTree Employees [MindTree Minds] & external folks.

There is no 'select group' that is deciding the topics.

- Shahnawaz Khan

Siddhi said...

Nice, got to say thats pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I attended this event and you can read my report here: