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Monday, September 17, 2007

Design of Programmer Spaces - My DCamp Presentation

We spend a lot of time on improving productivity through better languages, tools and processes. How often do we look at the environment in which the team works? Cubicles are probably the worst environment for programmers because they are poor when you want peace and quiet to work alone and poor when you want to work collaboratively as a pair or group. In this talk we'll look at some environmental factors that impact teams and how we can design better programmer spaces.


There is a narration for the slides available in the comments section here


100rabh™ said...

It was rather different and interesting presentation

Siddhi said...


Anonymous said...

great talk and presentation style as well! I'm looking forward to reading that IBM paper. In the meantime here's an old post i'd done with a link to cool workplaces:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting talk. I would love to have an office like Googlers.

Rams said...

Google actually crams people into common spaces. Contrary to popular misconception, Microsoft beats most tech companies when it comes to giving private offices to employees.

BTW, Does anyone really know of companies in Chennai or Bangalore that have separate rooms for programmers ?

Siddhi said...

I think Ramjee's - - previous company used to have private offices