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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Event Badge Generator released under MIT License

The event badge generator python script has been released under the MIT License: More info, Download

If you attended, you would have noticed the cool preprinted badges for all the attendees. (If not, check out the pics here and here) We had almost 400 people, and no way was I going to manually create each badge, type and place all the text, reduce the size if it didn't fit, split names into two lines if required and all that. So I ended up creating a python script to take a badge template and a list of names and create badges for each one.

I was talking about this script at the lightning talks at BCB4, when Brad Allen from the Dallas Python User Group mentioned how it might be useful for other events as well (mainly with reference to PyCon). Therefore, the script has now been released under an MIT license.

As it stands now, there are some hardcoded variables here and there and some work needs to be done. If you are a python coder, you can probably find your way around and change what you want to change. Sometime in the future I'll parametrise it so that it is relatively easy for non-python coders to use it as well. Eventually, I'm hoping it reaches a stage where it can be used by non-tech event managers.

For now though, it can only be used by those who can read and write basic python. If you are interested in using it or playing around with it, check out the project wiki page.


Unknown said...

I noticed the badges and was really impressed.
Great stuff and now that, you shared the idea and the code, a lot more can use this.

We have an alumni meet next month, let me see if we can make use of it.

Siddhi said...

Very cool. Let me know if you need any help with the script.