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Friday, July 27, 2007

Co-working space in Chennai?

A co-working or co-office space in Chennai would be very cool.

Basically, the idea is that more than one company works in the same office. In co-working, which is geared towards individuals, each individual gets a table and a place to sit. In co-office, each company gets a workroom that can hold about 5 people, desks, computers. Office infrastructure such as a reception, coffee machine, printers, xerox, conference rooms are shared between all the companies. Maintenance is also taken care of by the space provider.

The rent and expenses are shared between all the companies. So an office space that can accommodate 4 companies will typically have a rent that is around 1/4 to 1/3 what it would cost to rent your own office.

These kind of spaces have big advantages for startup companies in particular.

One, the cost of office space is vastly reduced, so they can have an office at a much cheaper rent. The second big advantage is that they are in an environment with other startups, so during coffee breaks people are likely to run into other startup folks. The third big advantage is that these spaces are rented out on a monthly basis, so there is no need to take out a long term contract with up front advance and deposits.

If anyone knows of such a space in Chennai, drop in a comment to this post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sidd,
you can check


Anonymous said...

Hi Siva,

Thanks for the links, these are similar but not exactly the same. These links are for virtual office/serviced office. Its a full office that you can rent part time for yourself.

Co-working is when 3-4 companies are working full time in one office and therefore it it cheaper because the rent and common expense is divided up.

Bosky said...

TutorVista,where I was working till recently was working out of the incubation pilot project at stpi,bangalore. It was a huge tidel park kind of building where each floor was a big company. but on the topmost floor was this new pilot thing startup zone.

it was awesome...

complete plug-n-play kind of environment where there were around 10 rooms of varying sizes hosting a company each . each room had between 2 ,upto 12 seats .
available facilities:

- 4mbps internet with wifi
- common canteen,cafeteria with catering
-colorful,lively cubicles, awesome a/c, carpeted,the works
- common conf rooms of varying sizes, common library,parking,blah blah. I could go on and on.

Each seat was 5000/- a month but it was worth it! you don't need to worry about anything else .can move in /out as you please.

The reason i pointed this out was that this was a pilot done in bangalore. but seeing its succes,all stpi's including the new stpi office in chennai (old mahab rd) are planning on the same lines.

My advice. Book your space early. 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

Siddhi said...

Wow, sounds very cool. Can't wait to see this idea spread around.

Unknown said...


We are starting up coworking spaces in Chennai - at Nungambakkam - the heart of Chennai - right now we can offer 6 seats with all infastructure for start up / individuals, professionals or even for a small branch operations for companies who want operations at Chennai.

We offer, a cubicle with computer, high speed Broad band internet. Conferance & Training rooms with DLP projectors. Administrative services, shared printing, Fax , Telephone etc. We are expanding this facility.

If nay one interested please write to me at for more details, or call me on 94440 26983.


Anonymous said...

This is a cool Idea Indeed, Wish it had picked up. We are looking for a 20-25 seater facility, In a good office to plug and play. The IT Parks are too large and the serviced offices too expensive. Is there an alternative ?

Siddhi said...

Hi Kirubakaran,

20-25 people is quite a lot. Most of these co-working spaces are for about 5 people or so. You can check out the current state of coworking in Chennai on this page -

Also check out a new site to promote coworking in India (it's still very new and doesnt work fully though)

Anonymous said...

Ah Siddi! Thanks for the kick up my a$$ on this one. I have been going through some rough wind the past couple of weeks and have not been able to spend much time on OpenCommune (the coworking initiative) after all the initial hoopla.

Will start pushing the word around again now. Have had a lot of people just walk over to me for this kind of stuff. Thanks again for putting OpenCommune up here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Siddi,
I have a 30 seater coworking office in T.nagar chennai. 12 seats are vacant. It is not a class A facility. No car parking. Please let me know if you are interested.
email me :

Anonymous said...

A very barebones office space is available with me in chennai.. A/c , with 256kbps unlimited broadband, windows xp computer workstation.. simple no frills office space..located Behind DMS teynampet..There are about 7 tables/workstations available.. rent month to month basis for table space including PIV computer + broadband = Rs 3000 per month...Ac charges will be Rs450 per month 65636224

Anonymous said...


We have a same kind of moduel where the conference room coffe machine everything is shared by all the companies and you will be paying only for the seats which you use and the other actualls like teelphone etc......interested call 9941961116

Anonymous said...


I am very interesting in to have a office space there in Chennai.

You can enter in contact with me only if this office is in the Center City and in good place.


vidya said...

i need a decent shared office space in and around t.nagar,west mambalam,mount road.
If you have any info,Pls. contact

Anonymous said...

I need a single cubicle with very good Internet access for VOIP. Please email anand at

Anonymous said...

Hi, looking for a shared office space, one work desk / cabin, ac, in any area within 8-10 kms from Annanagar. Thanks. Pls write to me at

Unknown said...

Co-working sounds great! If it does promote more productivity, then why not try it by companies out there. Think it could really be helpful though. Thanks for sharing that news. Keep it up!


serviced offices to rent

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for 2-3 seater shared office space with separate cabin and fully furnished(A/C and Internet Connectivity MUST). If anyone knows, please make a call to Venki - 99403 14725


Kumar said...


Iam looking for a decent (1 seater) shared office space in and around t.nagar,west mambalam,mount road,egmore.
If you have any info,Pls. contact

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a decent shared office space in chennai. My current requirement is just 1 or 2 workstations. I'm into technical writing and data entry etc. I can provide the computers. Please point me in the right direction


Sildenafil Citrate said...

I don't like this idea because we can get confusions because every company needs privacy in order to get the best work.

Anita Subramaniam said...

Great Idea! Not just cost effective but shared spaces also provide camaraderie that we all enjoy now and then at office. Our productivity depends on how focused we are and how others are. Shared offices will work for those whose work is mostly online, need limited or no verbal interaction and where everyone follows work ethics and mutual respect.

Unknown said...


i am looking for something like this. we may need upto 5 seats. i am looking out for such an option. pls feel free to contact me if any good office it there. many thanks.


Anandraj said...

Dear all,

I am looking for shared office space 3 to 4 seater, ready to accommodate by 1st May!


Abdul Rahuman said...

Dear all,

I am looking for shared office space just 1 seater ASAP


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I am looking to share an office space. i will need 3 to 4 seater.

email me if interested in working together.


S.Arun said...

Hey Siddhi!

I don't know if you're still looking for spaces, but VSI estate, just beside Ascendas, has a lot of these stuff. I used to work for a startup based out of one of these. You should check it out!



Anonymous said...

Shared office space available in chennai madipakkam.

CAR PARKING not available inside building but can be parked in nearby open road.

Contact 65636224. Very calm decent locality. No disturbance to neighbors.

Air conditioned place. 4MBPS unlimited airtel broadband available.

No deposit needed. Just 3 months advance rental basis.

Available 1 to 6 workstations.

Anonymous said...

I have a property opposite Virtusa IT park in Ekkaduthangal. It is a independent house of 2500 sqft in 3 floors with 1 carpark. Planning to invest in furniture to convert into a co-working office. Any comments?

soham said...

Hi anonymous,

Read about your plan to convert your property into shared office space.

We need a barebones office space.

That is we can arrange for the seats/table/computer/whiteboards etc ourselves. Only need a good broadband internet connection and power points.

Looking for 4 seater space, may i know how much could you rent this for. We are ready for occupancy.

Email -

Anonymous said...

We have a shared office available at Mandaveli. Fully furnished with Air conditioned rooms. total area is 3000SQft. 24/7 power backup available. interested can send mail to

manav said...
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Unknown said...

there is such kind of environment is already available in chennai.
its full of start up and Fun office space.
plus very spacious and neat.
here you can meet with
Australian, singaporian, Bangkok guys also.
for details visit

Unknown said...

Looking for a single seater shared office space with AC..Please let me know if you have anything and how much it costs..

Anonymous said...

If you need shared office contact We are looking to share our exisiting office space with professionals.

Unknown said...

Hey nice one,thanks for sharing with us.i had gone through commercial office space for rent ,this is a good website for office spaces.

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Shilpa said...

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