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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival

Bangalore is about to get it's own roof top film festival next month. Nice to see the idea spreading. It's kind of funny how most good ideas happen by accident. The initial idea was to watch the cricket world cup on the terrace. Great work by Sagaro in getting it the RTFF concept started.

Which reminds me.. when is the next RTFF in Chennai? And more importantly, what is the venue [let me guess on that one ;)]?

Now that Sagaro is officially still alive, I'm pretty sure that the next RTFF won't be far away.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure about the RTFF Chennai. But I am pretty sure about the Python meet in Chennai. I will be back in Chennai on 22nd. Name a day after that when you are free and we will have it.

Siddhi said...

Yep, lets have it on one of the weekdays next week.

Venkat said...

How frequent is RTFF in Chennai? I would love to attend :D

Siddhi said...

Well, we used to have it once a month, but there hasn't been one for a couple of months now.