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Monday, April 23, 2007

Chennai Air Show Photographs

I've uploaded a bunch of photographs from the Chennai Air Show that happened at Marina Beach yesterday. The photos are here:


Hariharan said...

Hi Siddhi ...

Wonderful pics that !! I donno if you remember but I am Hari .. Sachin's friend.

Incidentally ... I also follow Sagaro's Blog where i saw your photo in Roof Top Film Festival photos that he had uploaded. Its a small world, isn't it ?

Btw which camera did you use to shoot the Chennai Air Show ??

Siddhi said...

Thanks. The photos were taken with a D70.

I had seen the videos of the wedding at your blog. Pretty nice stuff.

The roof top film festival was nice. There are quite a few interesting things happening here.

Dhilip said...

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