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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Silver Stripe Software

I got my company name approved recently: Silver Stripe Software. With that done, I registered the domain name and setup the Silver Stripe blog there. I've copied over the posts on agile development and catalyst. New posts about catalyst and agile will come on that blog, so if you are interested in development methodologies or catalyst, subscribe to this feed. Other stuff like python and programming will continue on this blog, plus some common interest posts may be cross-posted between the blogs.

Why did I choose the name Silver Stripe Software?

Silver: Elegant, sophisticated, minimalist, smooth.
Stripe: Stand out/rarity (single stripe in plain colour), rank (military stripes)
Software: :)

Next on the agenda: Do the website and complete the beta version of the software. In the meantime, here is the About Me page.


hatke said...


Rock on :-)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the first step!.. I am sure you'll hv a wonderful time ahead.....