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Thursday, December 28, 2006

SVN Revision 200

Today I checked in revision 200 into the source control tool — SVN in this case. I'm particularly happy because it means that I'm checking in frequently at the right level of granularity.

Now, frequent checkins don't actually mean anything much, but as a rough rule of thumb it indicates that code is being changed in small, independent increments. This in turn is important because it is a measure of the flexibility of the design. When the design is inflexible, changes involve touching lots of code and may take a few days to complete and checkin. A flexibile design makes it possible to perform changes one at a time.

Just for fun, here are some statistics

Revision milestones
1September 17, 2006
(Start as a hobby project to learn Django and AJAX)
50October 18, 2006
70November 16, 2006
(Return to Chennai, start full time work)
100November 21, 2006
150December 15, 2006
200December 27, 2006

Revisions per month
MonthNumber of checkins
September 27
October 40
November 69
December 62

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