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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Excited and scared

It's 3.30AM IST here in Chennai. How do I feel? Excited and scared. Scared because I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen next. Excited because I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen next :) I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking about what I'm going to do. All I know right now is that I want to start a company, and work on a product. I'll let this idea run for a while and see if I'm getting anywhere.

I asked myself—is this the right thing to do? Then I thought—if ever I am going to do something like this, it is going to be now. It is too easy to keep postponing your plans because you are scared to leap. At some point, you just have to shut your eyes and jump! Sometimes you make is across, but even if you dont, you arent worse for it.

Some of the inspiration for this came from Gaurav and Shreyas. Gaurav left Microsoft in Redmond to come back and start a company. Shreyas left Novell to start an Internet radio station for Indian indie music. Very cool! I also subscribed to some blogs. Finally, I got the confidence to go ahead and just do it.

I have a poster with me. Normally, I dont really like these kind of posters, but this one says something like “To discover new lands, you first need to lose sight of the shore.” Of course, it doesnt say anything about ships sinking, mutinies and getting killed by natives :) I've left the shore. Let's see what lies ahead.


Anonymous said...

All the best! Quite a brave decision you made there!

The irony is I'll be graduating out of NUS quite soon and start my work life in Singapore.

Siddhi said...

Cool! You may want to check out my previous company —

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Am flattered to have been a source of inspiration :-D I have myself followed your blog for a long time now.

The TeNET group in IIT-Chennai is a good startup hub and you might want to check with them (if you haven't already!) Let me know if you need an introduction there.

Siddhi said...


Rajiv said...

Hi Sid, I believe we have met some 3 years back. Remember the Mysore trip from Bangalore in 2004 when I Rajiv (then working at Novell) was there with you all along with Raul.

It’s the conditioning of working for someone rather than having something of your own is to be broken before you start doing something which makes you happy. Now that you have broken the shell, let me tell you it inspires even me. All the Very Best. I would be following you now on.

Siddhi said...

Hi, Ranjiv Ranjan right? So where are you working now?

Anonymous said...

Hi Siddhi,
All the best dude. :).

It is indeed quite inspiring to read your blog post.

May the Force be with you.