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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Twenty five posts on agile

I was re-organising my bookmarks yesterday and I decided to collect some of them into a post. Here then, in no particular order, are twenty five posts on agile:
  1. Ten-Minute Build
  2. The Next Big Thing
  3. Knowing when you're done
  4. The Coad Letter: Strategy Edition, Issue 40, Working Together -- Lessons Learned From Fred
  5. An XP Team Room
  6. Using Continuous Integration? Better do the "Check In Dance"
  7. The Satir Change Model
  8. Being an effective Onsite Customer or Product Owner
  9. Agile team room photos
  10. Scrum Tools Roundup
  11. Agile Adoption across the Industry
  12. Testing: Coverage Reports Considered Dangerous
  13. It's Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Stand-up Meetings
  14. Risk To Pattern Table
  15. Buildix: The Agile development platform on a disk.
  16. Dysfunctional Agile, Agile-in-the-Large
  17. Project risk reduction patterns
  18. Sending People Home
  19. Agile - Losing Sight of the Goal?
  20. Agile, Top Down
  21. No Best Practices
  22. Baby steps for your project in the new year
  23. A Pragmatic Project: Live In Concert
  24. Badge of Merit
  25. Unjust Deserts? [PDF]

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Agile's Dark Side

Siddhi said...

Hi Aaron, thanks for the link

Sankar said...

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