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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Keep a lookout for these languages

some articles are doing the rounds about the languages to learn, so I decided to add my two cents to the discussion. These are the languages that I have on my radar -
  • Python: I've been using Python for my side projects for the last few years. Needless to say that I like it a lot.
  • JavaScript: Essential if you are going to do anything related to browser client-side coding. With the popularity of AJAX, JavaScript is quickly becoming a language that you need to know.
  • Ruby: Many of the ex-Java coders are moving to Ruby in a big way. The language has gotten another big push with the popularity of Rails. This is on my to-learn list.
  • A functional language: Scheme and Haskell are popular choices. Even if you don't actually use it regularly, learning a functional language is great for completely changing the way you think about programming. One of those experiences was when I got hold of a Scheme interpreter and followed along SICP and HTDP. Both Scheme and Haskell are on my to-learn-more list.
  • Erlang: This is on my to-learn list. I think concurrent programming is going to increase in importance and I've heard a lot about Erlang.
  • Perl: I find it useful as glue in *nix environments, especially if I need to use it's awesome regex capabilities, but don't use it all that often. The syntax is a pain to remember.
  • C/C++/Java/C#: Chances are that your organization uses one of these languages, so you need to know it. That's about the only reason I can think of. Java has some useful libraries and frameworks for it, so that's a plus. Not sure about C#.
  • Maybe someday: Smalltalk !!

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