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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lightbox feature

I've added a cool new lightbox feature to this blog. Rather than explain it, it's a lot easier to demonstrate. In order for the lightbox feature to work, you have to click on the image on the website, as it uses Javascript which does not get loaded when viewing through an RSS reader.

To see it in action, just click on any of the images posted to the blog and see what happens.

If you like it, you can get the code from here.



Sachin said...

Hey Sid YOU post your pictures directly from flickr right ? Using the 'Blog This' feature.

I dont know what broke in my case it is not working for my blog. I mean it works for Tadaa but not my blog.

Have you expierienced this issue ?

Perfekt said...

Pretty :-)

Siddhi said...

Sachin: Yeah I post direct from flickr. It has always worked in the sense that it creates the posts properly. I then go in and edit the post to change some HTML parameters. I need to do this because it does not dislay with the proper alignment, since I am using my own template and not one of the default blogger templates.

Sachin said...