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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Working code

Working code attracts people who want to code. Design documents attract people who want to talk about coding.

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Sachin said...

Hi K.

The tone in which this article is written, I sort of figured out that the writer thinks that the Open-Source ideology as a whole can do without the people who love [want] to talk about code.

He is perhaps correct in pointing out that if a project has 10 people and out of those 8 are there only to talk about it and 2 are the ones who will code, then perhaps we might not have a "dream start" for the project. But i donot think that one can completely ignore the importance of people who talk about code [or in other words] love UML diagrams and Design documents.

We still live in a hetrogeneous world and we still talk different languages, and we will always have a gap between what the user wants and what the maker can deliver.