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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Billionaire club

Gaurav Bhatnagar writes about a couple of interesting statistics, which covers the good and the bad. Quoting,

  1. India has 8th most number of billionaires in the world - 12 in all
  2. The average Indian billionaire's wealth is equivalent to almost 9 million times the country's per capita GDP. That is an astounding number and highlights the disparity of income in our country.

An excellent article on a related topic is this post by Dilip D'Souza. He says,

Nobody need grudge the Mittals and Premjis their riches. But while we applaud them, while we luxuriate in knowing that there may finally be a climate in India where acumen and entrepreneurship get their due, we might spare a thought for the running men around us, for the poverty that is still so evident in this country.

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