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Sunday, January 30, 2005

New template

I've made some changes to the template.
  • The layout is now fluid, which means that it should occupy the entire screen. Try resizing your browser window to see how the layout is affected.
  • I've also changed the colours to a standard black and white to make it easier to read.
  • Link colours are back to default - blue for unvisited links and red for visited links.
  • The page structure and CSS layout has been made way simpler. If you did view source on the previous version and on this version, you would see the difference.
  • The layout is specified in percentages of the font size, so if the font size is higher, the margins etc will be more and so on. For those running high resolution displays: Try increasing the font size to make it more readable (ctrl + in Firefox). For those on super low res displays, you can reduce the font size. If my calculation is correct, the layout should still be propotional even with the changed font size. I'm planning to add in some Javascript + CSS later that will allow you to click a button to change the font size.

1 comment:

hatke said...

You are *THE MAN* :-)

Cool! If I paid attention, that's how I'd have designed it...

*walks away with satisfied ego*

And aiming for perfection, other comments:

- Blogger is fundamentally slow... Clicking on your profile takes time - you need both a more visible/understandable title _and_ colophon clearly demarcated: ~ is cool, true, but not sufficiently familiar... Shoot me :-D

- The flickr loading does get on my goat at times, but the end result of the photos showing makes up for it, if there was a workaround, I'd shoot for it, but I wouldn'd disable it.

- Indent the dates [or maybe colour them different ?] separately so that it is easy to differentiate between dates, where there are multiple posts on the same date, it isnt clear enough.

- I would be happier if there was demarcation between the left and the right areas [boxes ?] but I guess that's personal...

- The end of the page is rather disjointed. Put a copyright or something and restore the harmony of the place ? :-)

- There are no categories, get MT :-)

Just thoughts, you dont have to take them too seriously... But then again considering it's you :-) Never mind...