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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Blog template

I'm looking at changing the site layout. I will probably keep the colours, but I want to get rid of all the blank space on the sides. At the same time, it should be flexible so that the layout is not hardwired to a particular screen resolution. If you have any ideas, post them in the comments.


dkjariwala said...

Few things:

I am not sure if you can enable Full Text Feed in Blogger or not, but if you can do it, it will be great. [It means I can read your feed from my newsreader itself, no layout problems! :)]

And if you can not, then I don't know what to suggest as I don't use Blogger. [I think hosted service is too limited for my taste.]

I always prefer site which uses Fixed Layout because my monitor is set to very high resolution (1600x1200) and if you make fluid layout to get rid of white space then your entries will become very wide and its pain to read. There is a reason that those newspaper and magazines divide the text in 3 columns in single page! :)

My 2 paise.


Siddhi said...

Hi JD,

I've enabled full text output for the RSS feeds.

You are spot on about fluid layouts being a pain to read on high resolution. But at high resolutions, fixed layouts are almost empty with a 5" strip running down the middle (or left) that makes it look ugly. This is the big problem I'm facing - How can I make it usable at high res without having tons of white space.

dkjariwala said...

I don't know why you dislike white space! According to more the white space, merrier! You see, the top sites like, and uses fixed layout. Why? Because that works the best! Try to find presentation by Douglas Bowman of StopDesign, he made a case for white space in one of his presentations. I am not able to locate it right now.

And as you have changed the layout to fluid, I don't like it! :( But anyway, full text feeds will ensure that I don't need to visit the site! :) [Unless I need to comment!]


Siddhi said...

Yeah, you are right that all the popular sites use a fixed layout. Many of them used to use liquid layouts, but have changed to fixed some time back. One of the main main reasons has been to control the length of a line like you mentioned. Douglas gives his opinion here and Andrei gives his opinion here.

As for me, I think that blog designs are in some sort of rut as far as the layout options are concerned. 99% of them use the single column down the centre (or left) layout, and it's about time someone did some experimenting. Take a look at this mosaic for example, and my comment to that article.

I'm convinced that there are layouts out there apart from the single column layout which will still work, provided some experimentation is done, and thats why I'm trying to experiment with different options.

As for whitespace, well, whitespace is good when used properly, but I dont think it works if it dominates the layout. Another major problem is that if user changes the font size up or down a level, the whole layout goes for a toss, even though there is a load of whitespace on the sides lying unused.