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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Alert in Chennai

There is an alert all over TV about rising water levels in Chennai. It's still normal near my house which is a few kilometers from the sea.

In the papers today there is an article about how hardly any animals have been found dead in Sri Lanka.


Anonymous said...

I just caught the alert on the news, another tsunami is expected in about half an hour from now. I live in Neelangarai, right on the East Coast Road. The last hit devastated a lot of houses on the beach side. My house is not on that side, but we are all dressed and ready. Just now, I can hear autos and cars with megaphones blaring out warnings. All the phones and mobiles have been ringing non-stop. Very scary time.

Anonymous said...

Above post by Mesh by the way.

Siddhi said...

False alarm as it turns out

Anonymous said...

LOL, yeah. We are all jolly good and safe now.