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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Practise of Programming - Kernighan & Pike

While I was in India, I thought I might as well pick up Programming Pearls and Practise of Programming. Well, guess what ? Both books are out of print. Every shop I went to assured me that the books are being reprinted, but can give no concrete date as to when they will be available.

In any case, I've downloaded Practise of Programming of Programming (pdf) from the Internet using my elite mad downloading skillz ;-) Its their loss. If and when they do get a reprint out, I'll buy it - provided I'm still in India.

I just finished reading practise of programming. Its a fabulous book. I've read it before of course (about 2 years back), but not very thoroughly. I had just skimmed it and made a mental note to buy it when I left college. I've read it more thoroughly now, and I've really enjoyed it.

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