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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The best of web tool sites

These days, things are slowly moving out of the PC and onto the Internet. So what are the coolest tools that are required for daily survival ? I present to you the set of web tool sites that are essential for daily survival -

  • Bloglines - Bloglines is an online RSS news aggregator. I use it to keep track of a number of blogs.

  • Blogger - Use it to blog, what else ?

  • - My online bookmarking site. It can categorise and store your bookmarks online, so they are accessible from any computer. Just drag a link on your toolbar, and anytime you want to bookmark a site, click the link. Thats it! The coolest feature is that you can see other peoples bookmarks and related bookmarks. I use it to bookmark a site and then see who else has bookmarked that site. Then I see the other related bookmarks that they have bookmarked. Great way to discover new sites.

  • furl - Similar to, but allows you to save and search the contents of the site that you bookmarked. I use to save any websites of interest and furl to save the contents of particular pages.

  • mailinator - How many times have you had to register for using some stupid service, and you dont want to give away your email address ? Mailinator to the rescue. Mailinator will recieve mail to You can then see the mail that address. Its not password protected, so anybody can see anyones mail, so be sure to use an address that nobody can guess like You can then go there and check the mail. All mail is automatically deleted after a couple of days.

  • dropload - You want to email someone a big file, but you cant attach such a big file; or you dont want to fill up the recipients mailbox. Enter dropload. You can upload anything of any size to dropload, and dropload will send a mail to your recipient with a URL from where they can download the file. Uploads are deleted once someone downloads then, so you cant use this to put up permanent downloads. Also, all uploads are deleted after 48 hours.

  • Bugmenot - You go to a website to read some content, but it asks for registration. Argh, you are in no mood to create an account just to read one article. This is where bugmenot comes in handy. Enter the URL into bugmenot and it supplies you with a dummy username and password that someone else has created to let you enter the site. If no username and password exists, you can create a dummy account and upload the username and password into bugmenot for other people to use. Just be sure that there is no personal information in the account.

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indexfaction said...

i can't live without bloglines. was a first, pretty cool site.