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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Recently been playing the 'opposite' game that comes with the Nokia 8250 (yes, yes, I'm still in the dinosaur age). This game is basically just Reversi, but they call it 'opposite' on the phone. Probably some copyright issue in naming the game or something.

Anyway, I finally beat the game on the hardest difficulty (level 6). It was pretty close, with me winning 34-30. I played pretty much the best I have ever played on that game, an almost perfect first half, then started losing out, but hung on in the end. Before this, my highest level win was only level 4. Considering that I have spent quite a while learning the various strategies, I must say that I'm a satisfied soul, although seasoned Reversi players would probably have no problem at all in winning at level 6.

Achievement of the day - Beating the computer at 'Opposite' on the Nokia 8250 at Level 6

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