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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Religious conflicts

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From a discussion with a friend. He was saying that a lot of conflict has been caused in the name of religion, therefore religion is a problem to society and should be abolished.

My reply is that many conflicts have also been caused based on the colour of a persons skin. Does that mean we should invent something that makes everyones skin colourless ? Sounds absurd ? Yes, because the obvious thing is to leave the skin colour as it is, and teach people to be accepting towards people of other skin colours. Same way with religion, we should leave religion as it is, and teach people to live with people of other religions. The solution is not to get rid of religion.

I have heard many times that if we didnt have religion, all our problems would go away. Not so. A person who wants to cause conflict will find a reason to do so. If its was not religion, it would have been skin colour or language or the length of a persons hair. There are any number of ways to differentiate people. So abolishing religion would not have prevented any conflict. There would have been another reason given for the conflict.

"The cause of racism is not having a skin, but the it is the work of man and similarly the cause of religious conflict is not the religion, but the work of man. So leave religion alone and cure the person."

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