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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

[Now Listening to - Agatsuma Hiromitsu - Beams]

There are a bunch of things that are bloody hard to find in Singapore. I cannot imagine why it is so difficult to get these :

Shaving cream (not saving foam or shaving gel, but shaving cream)
Shaving brush (made from actual animal hair, not that synthetic crap)
Original anime (not bootlegs or pirated anime).

It seems that the whole country buys only pirated anime. Original anime sellers are nowhere to be seen, though pirated anime is around everywhere. More about this later.

Meanwhile I'm listening to some music by Agatsuma Hiromitsu. He plays the tsugaru-jamisen, a traditional three stringed japanese instrument. I like the sound of it. I looked around for his album, but it does not seem to be around, but I haven't tried too hard yet. Hopefully it should be around in one of the CD shops.

One of the big problems in singapore is that there are a number of big chain stores, all of which cater to the mass mainstream. If your tastes diverge even a little, you are out of luck. This seems to apply to almost everything - computer games, music, anime and even shaving cream. Then your only hope lies with the few stores that cater out of the mainstream - provided they exist and you know about them.

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